High Risk Activities


Family Day Participants

For the safety of all participants, The Painted Turtle requires all Family Day participants (COVID-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated) to refrain from the following moderate-high and high-risk activities in the 14 days prior to your scheduled camp session. Participating in these activities in the 14-days prior to camp will disqualify you from participating in the day event at Camp. Please contact Camper Admissions (Camper families) or the Volunteer and Recruitment Manager (volunteers) if you have any questions or concerns.

Risk levels of the activities below are from the Texas Medical Association.

Moderate-High and High-Risk Activities

  • Going to a hair salon or barbershop
  • Eating indoors at a restaurant
  • Attending a wedding or funeral
  • Traveling by plane
  • Contact sports*
  • Hugging or shaking hands between individuals who are unvaccinated or unknown vaccination status
  • Eating at a buffet
  • Working out a gym
  • Going to an amusement park
  • Going to a movie theater
  • Attending a large music concert
  • Going to a sports stadium
  • Attending a religious service with 500+ worshippers
  • Going to a bar

*Contact sports, with organized teams where coaches and players are tested weekly is ok.