Meet James!


James using a bow and arrow at the archery range.  For nearly 20 years The Painted Turtle has helped over 138,000 children and their families experience the joy and inclusivity of Camp. For many, the idea of finding a place that allows children with serious medical conditions to feel empowered and courageous seemed out of reach. James Williams is one of these children. When he was nine years old, a social worker in the hospital where he was being treated handed James’ parents a flyer inviting James to attend a session at The Painted Turtle. 

The Painted Turtle community is accepting, understanding, and encouraging. The diagnosis-based sessions are so helpful, as the campers can enjoy the summer together with tons of support and encouragement.”

— James’ Mother Eunice

Now 17, James’ favorite part of Camp is the staff and all that they do to help him to sing, dance, ride horses, do the ropes course and archery, and go boating. He loves everything about Camp – everyone is so supportive, and the counselors know exactly what it takes to have fun. 

I was unsure about Camp at first, but then I met the other kids. I did not know anyone who looked like me until I got to Camp. I cannot wait for this summer!”

— James

Your donation to The Painted Turtle allows children like James to enjoy the wonders of childhood without the fear of limitation due to a chronic illness. Together, we can help them Go Where They Wanna Go

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