Communications Resources


About the Comms Team

Hi there! We’re the Comms Team and we’re here to help generate responses and spread the word out about The Painted Turtle in a strategic and organized way. Wondering who to speak to about what? See the list below of roles and responsibilities: 

  • Anthony: Comms Team Goals and Objectives, Media & Crisis Communication, Communication Policies, PR and Marketing.
  • Julian: Design, Video, Website (including Online Camp Store), Video Platforms, Coding/Techy stuff.
  • Dylan: Work Flow, Social Media, Design, Communication Training, SeriousFun requests, DEIS, Photo/Video Requests, and Asset management. 

Request Forms

Communication Requests

New for 2024! An all-in-one request form for all your project needs. Now you’ll be able to submit all pieces for a project in one place! Please submit minimum 5 business days prior to the delivery date.

Communications Request Form

Photo, Video, and Logo Requests

New for 2024! Use this form for internal and external photo, video, and logo requests! Please submit minimum 5 business days prior to the delivery date. 

Photo, Video, and Logo Request Form

Translation Requests

Request translation services from English to Spanish. Please submit minimum 2 weeks prior to desired delivery date.

Internal Translation Request Form


Design Tools, Templates, Style Guides


  • Logos: W:\Communications\Logos\1. MAIN LOGOS\CURRENT\TPT Logos
  • Fonts: W:\Communications\Fonts
  • Assets: W:\Communications\Collateral Materials\Branding Assets


  • TPT Document, Memo, and Agenda Template | W:/Forms
  • 2024 Letterhead | W:\Forms\Official TPT Letterhead\2023 Letterhead

Style Guides


  • 2023 Boiler Plate | W:\Development\Grant Supporting Documents\2023

Policies and Releases

Photo and Video Release Forms

Indemnity Forms

Crisis Communication Responses and Media Protocols

  • Media Response Protocol

  • Newman’s Own Foundation | W:\Communications\Crisis Communications\Newman’s Own Lawsuit 2022
  • Response to Questions about Local Fires | W:\Communications\Crisis Communications\Crisis Templates and Wording

Stats & Demographics

  • Outpost Stats | W:\Program\Hospital Outreach\Stats and Logs
  • 2023 Demographics | W:\SeriousFun Network\Demographics\2023 Demographics