Medical Criteria


Find a Session by Medical Condition

In order to be considered for Camp, each child must meet the below criteria and have one of the medical conditions listed below. 

Age Eligibility:

  • Summer Residential (on-site) campers: Child must be between the ages of 7 and 16 prior to their session start date (ages 17-18 for Leadership Program)
  • Family Weekend (on-site) campers: Child with medical condition must be between the ages 6 to 17 prior to their session start date

Campers for all residential (on-site) sessions must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have an eligible diagnosis
  • Minimum developmental age of 5 years
  • Must be able to function and participate in a group setting
  • Must be able to communicate needs independently
  • Able to be away from family members for a limited period of time

Please be advised that no child is guaranteed to be accepted to camp. Applications are reviewed and acceptance is based upon health care needs, space, and staffing ratios.

Use the dropdown below to search sessions by medical conditions.

If you do not see the medical condition you are looking for in the dropdown, there aren’t any upcoming sessions serving that condition.