The Painted Turtle relies on the generosity of hundreds of volunteers every year to accomplish our mission. Each year, more than 800 volunteers donate over 35,000 hours to make the magic of The Painted Turtle a reality. When you volunteer with us, you become a part of The Painted Turtle family: a caring, supportive, and compassionate community that comes together to make a difference in the lives of our campers. Our volunteer opportunities include Family Weekends, Summer Sessions, and the Holiday Gathering in Lake Hughes!

The Volunteer Program is endowed by Delta Zeta Sorority.

2023 Opportunities

The Painted Turtle is now accepting volunteer applications. Please be sure to check your eligibility here

2023 Volunteer Calendar

Outpost (In-Hospital Program)

Outpost Calendar
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Family Weekends (Lake Hughes)

Camp at Home: Pediatric Pancreatitis Family Day: February 4

Spina Bifida and Ataxia Family Weekend: February 10-12

Neuromuscular and Genetic Family Weekend: March 3-5

Liver Disease & Transplant, PIDD, TPN, and IBD Family Weekend: March 17-19

Rheumatic Diseases Family Day: April 1

Pulmonary Hypertension Family Weekend: April 14-17

Adrenoleukodystrophy Family Weekend: August 3-6

Epilepsy Family Weekend: October 13-15

Kidney Disease and Transplant Family Weekend: October 20-22

Special Diagnoses Family Weekend: November 3-5

Campamento para Familias: November 17-19

Summer Camp Sessions (Lake Hughes)

Skeletal Dysplasia and MPS Summer Session: June 7-12 (Volunteers arrive June 6)

Kidney Disease and Transplant Summer Session: June 16-21 (Volunteers arrive June 15)

Muscular Dystrophy Summer Session: June 25-29 (Volunteers arrive June 24)

Special Diagnoses Summer Session: July 7-11 (Volunteers arrive July 6)

Hemophilia/vWD and Thalassemia Summer Session: July 16-21 (Volunteers arrive July 15)

Liver Disease & Transplant, PIDD, TPN, and IBD: Summer Session July 26-30 (Volunteers arrive July 25)

Sibling Summer Session: August 9-13 (Volunteers arrive August 8)

Holiday Gathering and Hoopla (Lake Hughes)

Holiday Gathering: December 2

Holiday Hoopla (Year-End Volunteer Appreciation Event): Evening of December 2-3

Questions? Please contact Megan O’Meara, Volunteer Coordinator, at megano@thepaintedturtle.org or call 310-451-1353 x108.


Volunteer Requirements and Application

Welcome volunteer applicants! We appreciate your interest in getting involved with our program.

All new and returning volunteers may apply by completing an online application. We accept applications on a rolling basis and we recommend applying as far in advance of the session(s) you wish to attend. We recommend completing your application at least 5-6 weeks before your desired session.


Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer program at The Painted Turtle is an incredibly rewarding opportunity to bring joy, laughter, and smiles to our campers and families. The Painted Turtle recruits volunteers for our spring and fall programs as well as for our week-long Summer Sessions and hospital and community outreach opportunities.

The Painted Turtle is currently accepting applications for our 2023 Sessions. All new and returning volunteers may apply for 2023 sessions by completing an online application.