Tour de Turtle Bike Ride and Turtle Trek

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#TBT to Tour de Turtle 2010 — then known as The Challenge Ride!

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“Whenever I come to Camp, I always get excited when I get my first sight of the entry gate and flags. But never more so than when I'm on a bike and it's the finish line!” —Glenn Bozarth

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Meet Randy, a longtime Tour de Turtle cyclist and volunteer! "As a volunteer for the Painted Turtle for the past 15 years, I can’t think of a better way to give back. I have a chronic illness myself and have seen the difference a week at camp makes in a child’s life. They suddenly find out they are not alone and it gives them a whole different perspective and outlook on life. They really do come out of their 'shell.'" —Randy Northcote Tour de Turtle & Turtle Trek are just a few weeks away on April 27th! Join Team Turtle to support children with serious medical conditions at The Painted Turtle. We couldn't be more grateful for Randy's support of our campers. Join Randy in riding for Team Turtle! Register in the link in our bio.

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