Virtual Camp
Fun camp activities you can do at home!

Virtual CampMore no hands spaghetti!No hands spaghetti!

10 Activities to do with your Family

The Painted Turtle is bringing Camp to YOU! Here are some activities you can do as a family to keep the Camp spirit strong. Get creative & have fun! We want to connect with our community, so please share with us! Tag us on social media or email photos/videos to

Download Activity Sheet - Camp at Home!

1. No Hands Meal

No Hands MealServe a meal of your choice…. with no silverware! Choose silly dance moves and call “HOPPERS” to collect your meal from the kitchen: “H-H-HOP! P-P-PER! H-O-P, P-E-R, HOPPERS!”

2. Create Your Turtle Shell

Go on a scavenger hunt around your home to look for objects and supplies to construct your TPT turtle shell or camper cabin. Channel your inner artist and let the creativity flow! 

3. Camp Dance Marathon

Dancing!Get moving! Dance to some of your favorite camp dances. Follow us on Spotify or find these songs on YouTube!   

4. Random Act of Kindness

Do something to brighten someone’s day: make someone a piece of art, call a friend or family member, help someone with something. Make someone smile! 

5. Spark Boxes

Spark BoxesHave each member of the family create their own “spark box,” or mailbox. Write warm and fuzzy notes for each other using supplies from your home!

6. Adventures of the Flat Turtle

Print out a flat turtle and take it on your adventures at your home. Decorate however you choose! Have the turtle(s) join your family for any of the listed activities or whatever else you think of!

7. Family Campfire

Family CampfireCreate a campfire space: real, pretend, virtual, whatever you choose! Gather around the “campfire” as a family and sing songs, do skits, read a story together, and more! Download the TPT song book here!

8. Family Game Night

Break out your favorite board games! Make bets with your family on what happens if they lose. Game on! 

9. Cabin Clean Up

Have a competition of who can clean the best each day. Pick a “trophy” and let the games begin! 

10. Host a Cabin Chat

Host a Cabin ChatCabin chat is a time to reflect about the day, learn about others and share different experiences with your friends and family. Turn down the lights, get comfortable, have some soft music playing in the background and start talking with one another. Download the Cabin Chat rules and questions here!

We’re just getting started with our Virtual Camp activities! Check back often to see what’s next!