Kadin’s Kidney Transplant Journey
By: One Lambda Inc., a Thermo Fisher Scientific Brand

Kadin’s Kidney Transplant Journey

We are proud to share this inspiring story from One Lambda Inc., a Thermo Fisher Scientific Brand featuring Painted Turtle camper Kadin Hoven. Kadin and his family have been coming to The Painted Turtle since 2014. In addition to being amazing campers, the Hoven family continues to be true champions of The Painted Turtle, participating in several fundraisers- ensuring that Camp will always be free of charge!  


Kadin Hoven was only five days old when doctors first diagnosed him with kidney failure. Today, he is a creative and accomplished 16-year-old who is thriving thanks to the power of living donation.

Kadin Hoven is the recipient of three living donations: the first organ was a gift from his father, Shawn; the second was a paired exchange with his mother, Heidi; and the third was a gift from a family friend.

These kidney transplants were gifts of life that have enabled Kadin to grow up and discover his passion for music. “Music basically traps me in my head, which I like. Being able to relate to something [like] a piece of music is what I enjoy most. It’s really helped me get through a lot,” he says.

To date, he’s found over 20 new artists that he enjoys. He also likes reading, biking, ice skating, and watching movies.

Recently, he’s embraced transplant advocacy, becoming very involved with The Painted Turtle and participating in patient advocacy panels so that he can be a voice for others like him.

Kadin is such a remarkable young man, I’m so impressed by him, proud of him with how he advocates for himself. He’s just an amazing old soul.”   - Valen Keefer, Patient Advocate of Thermo Fisher Scientific