Meet Lenny & Lizzy!


Give the Gift of Camp!

For nearly 20 years The Painted Turtle has helped over 180,000 children and their families experience the joy and inclusivity of Camp. Through generous donations, this life-affirming and life-changing experience is provided free of charge to all children including the costs of meals, medical care, and mountains of fun.

It’s a chance for kids to just be kids in a safe and inclusive environment; to sing, dance, laugh, grow, and discover their potential in a community of people who have shared experiences.

Lenny, a parent of a child with Spina Bifida, had lost hope feeling it impossible to find recreational activities that would not only engage her daughter Lizzy but also provide a sense of comfort and belonging. So, when a friend mentioned The Painted Turtle Camp, her heart stirred with anticipation.

Lenny describes their first experience at The Painted Turtle as nothing short of transformative.

“What makes The Painted Turtle truly unique above all else is it sees the person within and embraces their feelings and happiness. It sees beyond disabilities where Lizzy could challenge her creative side in arts and crafts, or bravely perform at stage night, and feel the support of the volunteers and staff every step of the way. After attending camp, Lizzy emerged braver and happier, empowered to face challenges head-on.”

— Lenny

Thank you for being a part of Lenny and Lizzy’s journey and for making the impossible possible at The Painted Turtle.

Give the Gift of Camp!