Special Diagnoses and Fall Family Weekend
November 4-6, 2022


A polaroid photo from Special Diagnoses Family Weekend 2022 of two friends with a horse. The Special Diagnoses Fall Family Weekend at The Painted Turtle was pure joy as we welcomed 16 families, our largest family weekend since 2019! Here are just a few of the amazing magic moments that were shared throughout the weekend reminding us how truly grateful we are to be hosting families back on Camp! 


The Painted Turtle is a place where children can create their own magical Camp experiences. They can create a special craft in Woodshop, kiss a fish, conquer the ropes course, and maybe the best one of all…make new friends! 

Two campers in particular quickly became great pals. The friendship started right away as they were sharing a cabin and dining table, creating ample opportunities for them to bond. One special moment they shared was at the horse barn. This high fashion horse activity involved dressing up the horses in costumes and walking them around the arena. Let’s just say these two friends have a future in the fashion industry! They gave their horse several different makeovers throughout the activity, ensuring their horse was showing off all the latest fashions. Their parents shared that watching them each find a friend at Camp this weekend was a special moment!


Campers arrive with many talents – singing, joke telling, dancing – just to name a few! This weekend we were lucky to meet one child who was a new Painted Turtle camper. He attended the Family Weekend with his dad and quickly won the hearts of everyone. Friday night, this camper transformed into Darth Vader and used “the force” to wipe out the entire volunteer team. When he would place his hands towards them, they’d fall to the ground all while the Darth Vader march song was playing in the background. It was a sight to behold!

The best part of this Jedi moment happened during Stage Night when he again used “the force” to a remix of the Darth Vader march. His dad could be seen in the crowd dancing along with him, showing off his own dance moves! Together they had a blast!

Sunsets and Smiles 

We had to share the absolutely incredible sunsets that took place over the weekend. The sky kept getting prettier and prettier and the front gate looked magnificent! This beautiful sky, (with no filters used might we add!) provided the perfect backdrop to an amazing weekend full of magic moments and smiles.

Sending a big thank you to all the families who attended the weekend and the incredible group of volunteers that made it possible!