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Volunteers, donors, medical professionals… it takes a village to keep Camp running. In this section your will see highlights on the people that make it all possible. 

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"When I first started volunteering, I thought that it would be my way of giving back. I didn't realize that every time I left Camp, I'd be changed by the families and campers I met. I come away with so much gratitude and appreciation. I'm continually amazed by Camp, the families, the other volunteers and all of the staff." —Morgan Donly, longtime volunteer Introducing our Volunturtle Spotlight! We're kicking off our series by celebrating Morgan. Known for having a contagious smile and positive attitude, Morgan has volunteered as a Family Pal and at our Hospital Outreach Program, Outpost, since 2015. Thank you, Morgan, for your hard work and energy! We are so grateful to have volunteers like you to give our campers and families a memorable and empowering time at Camp. If you're interested in volunteering, visit the link in our bio.

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