A Summer You Won’t Forget!


There are so many memories that we take away from even one day at Camp, let alone an entire summer. Some of them we might not even remember until someone months from now says, “Remember when…?” and we suddenly remember every detail of the story as if we are watching a taping of it in our mind. This memory could be anything from seeing a camper climb the ropes course for the first time, or watching the most timid camper of the cabin perform a solo act at stage night while everyone in the room cheers them on, or something as silly as comparing who has the most meat sauce up their nose after no hands spaghetti. It’s hard to say what my favorite memory or magical moment from the summer is, because each one of them is so different and unique to each camper that we are given the privilege to spend a week with. I think that itself is my magic moment from the summer: experiencing year after year just how open to every creative idea, every inspiring mind, and every camper as a true individual that The Painted Turtle is. It really is the most life changing place to anyone who opens their heart to it.