CrisisGo How-To Guide


For the safety of all campers and families, volunteers, and staff, The Painted Turtle has implemented a 14-day health screening and pre-visit certification process for all Limited Family Day participants. The Painted Turtle has partnered with CrisisGo to complete this daily health screening.

CrisisGo en español

  • Correos electrónicos: Cuando reciba su primer correo electrónico de CrisisGo, en la parte superior del mismo habrá una pestaña azul que le pedirá que seleccione su idioma. Seleccione el español. Una vez que seleccione el español, sus correos electrónicos diarios se establecerán automáticamente en español.
  • Preguntas de detección: También habrá una pestaña de idioma en la esquina superior derecha de las preguntas de selección. Haga clic en “Español” para ver las preguntas en español.

Let’s get started!

1. You/your family will receive a daily email from beginning on Saturday, May 29th, 14 days prior to your scheduled camp session.

  • We strongly recommend waiting until you receive this first email to set up your CrisisGo account.

2. Emails will be sent to the Parent 1 or the primary email in your CampSite account. For families: emails for each participant will be sent to the Parent 1 email address.

There are three ways to submit you/your family’s daily health screening:

  • Email (recommended, no account needed).
  • SMS Messaging (recommended, no account needed).
  • CrisisGo App.

The CrisisGo app requires creating a CrisisGo account, see information in the CrisisGo App section below.


1. You will automatically begin to receive a daily email 14 days in advance of your Limited Family Day event.

2. The daily email includes a blue Report button (Sample Daily Health Screening Email – Campers ). Click on the Report button to complete and submit your health screening daily. 

*Please note, volunteer/staff emails look similar but do not include the links at the bottom of the page.

SMS Messaging


Please opt-in for SMS Messaging to receive a direct link to your daily health screening via text. Please note that you will receive a text for each participant in your family.

1. On the bottom of the CrisisGo email, you will see an area that says, “To certify via SMS, please click here to opt-in.” Click on the link to opt-in.

  • You will be directed to a page that allows you to enter a phone number to receive SMS messaging.

2. Enter your phone number, consent to receiving text messages, and click the blue “Subscribe” button.

  • If completed, you will receive a green “Success” checkmark.
  • Texts with a link to submit your health screening will begin the following day.


You will be automatically enrolled to receive SMS Messaging.

CrisisGo App

If you prefer to submit your health screening via the CrisisGo App, you must first create an account with CrisisGo. To create an account:


1. On the bottom of the CrisisGo email you will see an area that says “If you do not have a CrisisGo account, please click here to register.” Click on the link.

2. You will be taken to a registration page. Your email and name will auto-populate. Please create and then verify your password.


Download the CrisisGo app and enter your login and password. The Painted Turtle has preset your account login and password.

  • Login: Your primary email address.
  • Password: Your email address handle (i.e., aprilt is the password for the email

1. Download the CrisisGo app in iTunes/App Store, Google Play/Android Store, or Chrome Web Store.

2. Once the app is downloaded, log in using the credentials you set up on the registration page.

3. When you are in the app, click the iPass tab at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the Safety iPass screen.

4. Once you are in the Safety iPass tab, you can select Certify My Child to view the associated students (family members) that need to be certified. To certify, simply tap the child/family member’s name and answer the certification questions.

Please note, the CrisisGo app does not offer push notifications to remind you to complete your health screening daily.

For more information regarding CrisisGo, please visit the CrisisGo FAQ website at:


For any questions about CrisisGo or the daily health screening/pre-visit certification process, please contact the following:

Campers: Carlie Green, Camper Admissions Manager,

Volunteers: Kylie Sedgwick, Volunteer and Recruitment Manager,

Staff: Janelle Villalobos, HR Manager,