FAQ for Campers and Families


COVID-19 Precautions

What safety precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Camp?

  • Prevention: Camp has implemented many layers of screening for symptoms, testing, and pre-camp procedures to minimize the risk of acquiring and spreading COVID-19 before and during camp programs.
  • Policies, Protocols, and Training: The Painted Turtle has developed a thorough guidebook of COVID-19 specific policies and protocols that are implemented across camp to ensure the safety of all participants. Examples of policies and protocols include stringent cleaning and disinfecting processes, program design guidelines to foster camp connectedness yet reduce risk of spread of COVID-19, among many others. In addition, all TPT staff (including volunteers) are thoroughly trained on these policies and protocols to ensure they are implemented as designed.
  • Facility Improvements: The Painted Turtle has invested in many improvements across Camp to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 at camp. These improvements include but are not limited to HEPA air filtration in all camp buildings, touchless hand sanitizer, sinks, and soap dispensers, clear and campy signage with safety reminders, enhanced outdoor areas for programming, eating, or group activities.
  • Program Design: The program design and camp experience will be structured to be in compliance with COVID policies. While there will be adaptations, we are confident the Camp spirit – the joy, laughter, fun, and friendship – will be strong!
  • Guidance and Resources: The Painted Turtle continues to follow the guidance of the CDC, California and Los Angeles County Departments of Public Health, TPT’s Medical Advisory Board, and the SeriousFun Children’s Network. In addition, Camp follows the recommendations of Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc, a professional group contracted by both the American Camping Association and SeriousFun Children’s Network to develop operating guidance specifically for camps serving children with serious illnesses. The Painted Turtle monitors updates from these groups on a regular basis and follows guidance of these groups to make decisions regarding camp programming throughout the year.

What are TPT’s COVID Protocols (pre-camp, during camp, and post-camp) for in-person camp programs?

Safety is our priority at The Painted Turtle. Camp has implemented many COVID protocols to ensure the safety of all participants. You may visit our COVID-19 Participant Precautions and Protocols here: https://www.thepaintedturtle.org/post/covid-19-participant-precautions-and-protocols

Camp Application Deadlines and Acceptance Process

Is there an application deadline?

Yes, applications for camp programs are due 10 days prior to the start of the Camp Session. All applications must be complete, with all requirements submitted, by this deadline in order for your child’s application to be considered for Camp. Please note, applications are lengthy with many requirements and does take time to complete. The Painted Turtle strongly recommends campers and families to start applications early to ensure adequate time to complete the application process. Should we receive more applications than spaces available, we may close applications early at any point.

With a limited camper capacity, how will Camp make decisions regarding Camper Acceptances?

While we wish we could accommodate everyone that applies, acceptances will be based on a number of criteria including years of camp experience, medical acuity, timeliness of application completion, among other considerations. A complete application means that the camper/family has submitted all necessary application requirements including but not limited to medical clearances, immunization records, and CampSite forms. The Camper Admissions team will be in communication on any missing application pieces throughout your application process. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and we encourage all campers and families to apply early and complete your application in a timely manner. Campers and families that are not accepted are automatically placed on a waitlist for the session.

Will the application close if a session is full?

Yes, The Painted Turtle will close applications once a session becomes full or at the application deadline, whichever comes first. All interested campers and families are encouraged to apply early and complete your application in a timely manner.


Will Camp provide bus transportation to camp for Summer Camp Sessions?

Yes, The Painted Turtle will provide select bus transportation for Summer Camp sessions. Campers who travel to/from camp must agree to symptom screening and additional testing prior to boarding a bus provided by Camp and follow specific bus protocol throughout the trip. Please do not board The Painted Turtle bus if you have any symptoms of illness.

Are participants allowed to travel by plane to participate in camp sessions?

Yes, The Painted Turtle welcomes seasonal staff, volunteers, and campers to travel by plane to participate in a camp session. All participants who travel by plane must agree to additional COVID protocols to minimize the risk of contracting COVID before or during your travels. These additional requirements include testing within 72 hours of your travel time, prior to loading a TPT van or bus to camp, and abiding by safe travel policies (mask wearing, frequent handwashing, etc.). TPT is not responsible for any travel costs if a participant tests positive upon arrival to California. Please do not travel if you have any symptoms of illness.