Our Core Values


Our Core Values

The Painted Turtle Shell

The Painted Turtle is a symbol of our commitment to create a community that uplifts and empowers all who are a part. By leading with heart, we pursue our vision to foster a culture of compassion founded on a strong sense of trust. With that foundation, we have the courage to try new things and enjoy every present moment with immense joy.

Green Turtle Shell which represents Community in The Painted Turtle Core ValuesCommunity
Work as a community to create impactful change.

Red Turtle Shell which represents Heart in The Painted Turtle Core ValuesHeart
Operate with intention from the heart.


Blue Turtle Shell which represents Vision  in The Painted Turtle Core ValuesVision
Strive towards a greater vision by pursuing growth, exhibiting leadership, and embracing the power of new ideas.

Pink Turtle Shell which represents Compassion in The Painted Turtle Core ValuesCompassion
Serve with compassion to foster a supportive and inclusive environment.

Purple Turtle Shell which represents Trust in The Painted Turtle Core ValuesTrust
Build trust by acting with integrity, reliability, and mutual respect.

Yellow Turtle Shell which represents Courage in The Painted Turtle Cor e ValuesCourage
Embody courage: be bold, be creative, be our best selves! 

Orange  Turtle Shell which represents Joy in The Painted Turtle Core ValuesJoy
Choose Joy.