Camp at Home – Session 4
Hemophilia/vWD & Thalassemia


Welcome to Camp at Home! We are thrilled you are joining us for some Camp fun from home this weekend. This summer’s theme is Imagine, and we are looking forward to all that we can imagine with you over the next few days. We have a lot of fun, a lot of dancing, a lot of silliness, and a little bit of messiness planned for the weekend. Below are some resources that you might find helpful this weekend or whenever you need a little Camp in your life!  

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Medical Resources

Program/Activity Resources

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Tour The Painted Turtle Campsite!

Join longtime volunteers, Pops and Sherry, for a tour around The Painted Turtle campsite! 

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Medical Resources 

Well Shell Building from the front with Bali flags.

Meet & Greet with a Medical Specialist – English

SUNDAY, JULY 26 FROM 10:30-11:45AM PST

The Painted Turtle Medical Team will be hosting a Meet & Greet session with a medical specialist. Before the session, we encourage you to watch the videos located in “Specialist Presentations.” During the Meet and Greet, specialists will be available to answer any medical questions you may have. This weekend our specialists are:

  • Gavin Roach, MD, MS – Director, Pediatric Hematology, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Mattel Children’s Hospital, UCLA
  • Susan Shannon, RN, MSN, CPNP, CPON – Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse Practitioner

If you wish to submit questions ahead of time, please email them to by Saturday at 6pm.

Reunión con un Especialista Médico – Español


El equipo médico de The Painted Turtle tendrá una sesión de “Meet & Greet” con un especialista médico. Antes de la sesión, le animamos a ver los videos situado en “Specialist Presentations.” Durante la reunión, los especialistas médicos estarán disponibles para responder a cualquier pregunta médica que pueda tener. Este fin de semana, los especialistas serán:

  • Gavin Roach, MD, MS – Director, Pediatric Hematology, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Mattel Children’s Hospital, UCLA
  • Susan Shannon, RN, MSN, CPNP, CPON – Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Si desea enviar preguntas antes de la reunión, envíelas por correo electrónico a antes del sábado a las 6pm.

Specialist Presentations

Video: Dr. Gavin Roach, COVID-19, and Hemophilia

Educational Resources - English/Español

Video: Factor Infusion with Kathy and Brianna

Stick Together Award: This is a special award, created just for Camp at Home! Just like at camp, this certificate is to encourage and reward your camper on trying and learning how to self-infuse as well as anyone who is helping, supporting and encouraging the camper to “try new things”.  We encourage you to use this award this weekend and make a celebration out of it, just like we do at Camp!  Let’s all Stick Together!

Premio de Unidad: Este es un premio especial creado solo para Camp at Home! Así como en el campamento, este certificado es para animar y premiar a su campista por intentar y aprender como infundirse y para aquellos que ayudan, apollando al campista en intentar “cosas nuevas”. Le animamos a usar este certificado este fin de semana y hacer una celebración de esto, así como lo hacemos en el campamento. ¡Hay que estar todos unidos!

Jeopardy: The Medical Team has created a fun Jeopardy game for the whole family, which includes some information on Hemophilia, as well as some random fun facts! Here are directions for playing Jeopardy:

  1. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint in order to play the Jeopardy game.
  2. Once you open the PowerPoint file, on the top of the screen you will click the “Slide Show” tab, and then click “From the Beginning”.
  3. The players will choose a category and a dollar amount – simply click on the chosen dollar amount on the first page. This will take you to the question page.
  4. To find the answer, simply push the Enter key, or click the mouse anywhere on the screen.
  5. To return to the home page and choose another category, click the Home button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have answered all of the questions – the questions you have completed should turn another color.
  7. Have fun!!!

Video: Tips & Tricks: Subcutaneous (SubQ) Injections

Learning Independence/Transition to Adulthood – English

Education and fostering independence are an important part of what The Painted Turtle Medical Team does at camp. We acknowledge that not every child will be able to participate in their healthcare or become fully independent. However, we believe that taking responsibility for your healthcare is an important step in becoming independent and transitioning to adulthood. Learning these skills can open a whole new world for children, whether they are able to attend a sleepover or eventually live on their own. As caregivers, you play an important role in preparing your children to be responsible for as much of their own health as possible. Here are some resources we have gathered to help in the transition.

Aprender Independencia/Transición a la Edad Adulta - Español

La educación y el fomento de la independencia son partes importante de lo que el equipo médico de The Painted Turtle hace en el campamento. Reconocemos que no todos los niños podrán participar en su propia atención médica o ser totalmente independientes. Sin embargo, creemos que asumir la responsabilidad de su atención médica es un paso importante para ser independiente y pasar a la edad adulta. Aprender estas habilidades puede abrir un mundo completamente nuevo para los niños, ya sea que puedan asistir a una fiesta de pijamas o eventualmente vivir por su cuenta. Como cuidadores, ustedes juegan un papel importante en la preparación de sus hijos para ser responsables de la mayor cantidad de su propia salud como sea posible. Estos son algunos recursos que hemos reunido para ayudar en la transición.

Mental Wellness – English

We acknowledge that the past few months may have been more challenging than usual. Life as we know it has changed dramatically and along with these changes may come increased worry and stress – not only for adults, but also for kids. The Painted Turtle Medical Team has put together some family-oriented resources to help you and your family explore these feelings. We hope that these resources are helpful and provide support to your family.

Salud Mental – Español 

Reconocemos que los últimos meses han sido más desafiantes de lo habitual. La vida tal como la conocemos ha cambiado drásticamente y con estos cambios pueden venir más preocupación y estrés – no sólo para los adultos, sino también los niños. El equipo médico de Painted Turtle ha reunido algunos recursos para la familia para ayudarle a usted y a su familia a explorar estos sentimientos.  Esperamos que estos recursos sean útiles y brinden apoyo a su familia.

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Don’t forget to send us photos of  your families Camp at Home fun to!


We want to make your Camp at Home experience the best it can be!
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Special Thanks to our Camp at Home Partners for Making this Session Possible!