Holiday Gathering
Lake Hughes, CA

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The Painted Turtle is thrilled to welcome families back in-person for the annual Holiday Gathering event at Camp on Saturday, December 2rd. This 3-hour afternoon event will include all of your favorite camp activities including arts and crafts, woodshop, fishing, boating, singing, dancing, friendship and fun with fellow Painted Turtle families.

Please register on CampSite, The Painted Turtle’s Camper application database.

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Please Note:

  • COVID Vaccine and one booster is required for all participants (if eligible).
  • Testing is not required to participate in this event.
  • The Well Shell will be closed during the event.
  • Our Medical Team will only be available to provide basic first-aid if needed.

The fun starts at 12:30 pm sharp. Check the weather and dress accordingly!

For assistance, please contact Camper Admissions at: 661-724-1768 x202 or

Para asistencia en espanol llame Gloria Lopez a: 661-724-1768 x214 or